Cornie (core_knee) wrote,


I was very excited to be going to McDonalds one breezy summer afternoon with my friend. Now, I know that going to McDonalds is not, per se, the most exciting thing to do, unless you are taking a new car through the drive-thru (isn't there a volkswagon commercial about that?) but, indeed, I was not taking a new car through the drive thru. My friend and I were going, in person, into the McDonalds to sit and eat and joke and talk and do all the things that best buds do in fast food restaurants.

Oh, and I was wearing a cow outfit.

Now, depending on who you talk to, the cow outfit was either of no importance, or of great importance to the events which followed. But, for the edification of those who think the outfit important, it was a white/black spotted jumpsuit, with horns and four strategically-placed udders which squirted milk through a little hand pump. The whole thing cost maybe $30.00 at Spencer's and was bought for halloween.

And we walked into the McDonalds that summer afternoon and went up to the counter and my friend ordered a super-sized #3. And when the teenager at the register asked me what I wanted for lunch I screamed:

"CHICKEN" as loud as I could, and filled the following silence with "WHAT THE HELL ELSE WOULD I BE HERE FOR?"

Some children laughed. Others cried. Some just left. But we sat down after that, and ate lunch and talked and laughed and did the things friends do.
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